Your security can improve if you know what to do when lock and key problems arise. Read the answers to our FAQ here

If you catch yourself wondering about your locks and keys, you are welcome to check out the answers given here below to some interesting and frequently asked questions about security and lock systems. Take a look and find out how to deal with some of their more common issues

Can I rekey the lock on my own?

It's best to avoid doing such things on your own. Lock rekey is harder than it sounds. As our specialists say you need to reassemble the lock, remove the springs and the pins, and match the right new pins (depending on color codes) to the right positions. It's a rather complex task and if it's not done properly, you will have trouble using the key.

Why should I get a duplicate auto chip key?

Having a spare chip car key with you (especially if you move around with the car a lot) is smart. It's the best precaution measure for you to avoid getting locked out of your car. You just have to make sure the extra key is kept in a different place than the original one and never inside the car. It'll cost you less to get a duplicate now than having a car key replacement made.

I just can’t unlock my home safe. Will I ever get the contents out again?

A safe can get jammed or damaged, making it difficult to open, even with the correct combination. A professional locksmith can unlock a safe without causing damage, helping you to get access to your contents again.

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